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Optimize your company’s food traceability process

Food traceability is critical so that distributors, industries and supermarkets can manage suppliers.

This is the only way to identify the path taken by food, from the field to the supermarket, providing transparency and information security in the production chain, allowing quick action in cases of food recalls.

In addition, food traceability connects the field to the consumers’ tables, since at the end of the process; they can consult, through the traceability code, information about the origin, destination, photos, and videos about the production.

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Traceability connects people to food


The Rastrador PariPassu, developed by PariPassu, is the market solution that allows the connection of all links in the production chain, from the field to the supermarket, allowing a structured flow of information, and facilitating controls for food safety and interaction with the end consumer.


processo de rastreabilidade

Now, the big news is the integration of the Rastreador do Campo application with the Tracker System, used by a distributor or industry.

The Field Notebook app, also developed by PariPassu, is aimed at farmers for the registration of management, grace period control, and the generation of the traceability code.

How it works in practice

Now, farmers in the field can generate the traceability code or sell their product with the traceability label already printed.

Moreover, the distributor or industry can have the mandatory information regarding product traceability, filled out automatically in the Tracker System, resulting in efficiency and agility, and optimizing traceability operations.

The records from traceable processes support business management, providing clarity to success indicators.

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