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Side by Side

We believe that the path to safe, quality food is the result of collaborative work across the entire agrifood chain.

Thus, we walk side by side with our customers and partners, understanding their demands and providing technology solutions for traceability, recalls, quality management, and performance indicators.

With this, we enhance your results, connecting all links in the supply chain with strategic information for better management of your business.

Our Family

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We’re part of the Genesis Group! We’re the largest platform for inspection solutions,
conformity, certifications and traceability of agrifood products in Latin America!

For over 20 years, we have operated in the main productive chains: soy, corn, wheat, cotton, fruits, vegetables, greens, animal protein, milk, beverages, and many others!

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Traceability, Recall, Quality Management and Performance Indicators.

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Classification of grains and supplier and distributor audits

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Training for your staff, compliance audits, and certifications.

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Environmental residue analysis and compliance for food and beverages.

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Producers, Distributors and Industries

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Monitored production origins

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Retail Chains

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Traceability code readings

Our story

PariPassu is a Latin expression that means side by side, at the same time, and in a fair manner.

We were established in 2005, in the city of Florianópolis, where our headquarters are still located. The first system we developed was the Rastreador PariPassu. Soon, we conquered our first client, one of the three largest distributors of food products in Brazil, which helped us to improve our system even further.

In 2008, we launched Brazil's first cellphone-based traceability code query and achieved significant growth in our customer portfolio.

We kept innovating, and during that same year, we created the Rastreador do Campo, integrating harvest forecast, management plan, and harvest in line with the needs of the most important certifications, such as GlobalGAP, PIF, HACCP, and Organics, among others.

In 2015, we launched the CLICQ app to perform the Inspection and Quality Control checklist in a digital and automated manner, with specifications and templates to detect potential reduction of losses, errors and food waste. In addition, we created Panorama, a dashboard for real monitoring of charts and performance indicators, allowing for business intelligence actions and quick action plans to improve your business’ results.

And thus, with a focus on the success and development of our customers and partners, we serve all Brazilian states in the pursuit of safe, quality food.

Our technology allows for the management of the quality and conformity of product deliveries from suppliers, the prevention of losses and stock-outs on the shelves, and the traceability and recall of the entire agrifood chain.

All of this on a single platform!

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Our mission

Organize global food chain information to make it accessible and useful.

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Our Vision

Inspire people to conscious eating.

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Our Values

Simplicity. Respect. Commitment. Happiness.

Empresas que confiam na PariPassu

"Sem sombra de dúvida, está revolucionando o relacionamento comercial entre nossa empresa e nossos clientes. Hoje temos a exata informação de onde nosso produto está, de que forma está exposto, a quantidade vendida em cada local, ou seja, um completo comparativo de vendas, com isso podemos melhorar e auxiliar nossos clientes a vender mais e com melhor qualidade."

Junior Lucato - Sócio proprietário
Citricola Lucato


"O sistema Rastreador colabora e muito para o controle das origens, emissão de etiquetas (padronização personalizada), registro do histórico de produção, vendas e destino final dos produtos. Possibilita aos nossos clientes supermercadistas proporcionar segurança e confiança dos nossos produtos ao consumidor final."

Edson Trebeschi - Diretor presidente
Trebeschi Tomates

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Awards and recognition

Great Place to Work
Great Place To Work - GPTW | 2020
We have received the stamp, along with our entire Genesis Group family, of an excellent company to work for.
Categoria Artigo no Prêmio E-food | 2020

The e-food Portal is a collaborative portal on Food Safety and we were awarded in the best article category "Certification of organic products: everything you need to know".

Logo GS 1
Prêmio GS1 - Proteína Animal | 2017
At this event we received the "GS1 Animal Protein" award, in recognition for the initiative to improve the automation processes for quality inspection in the meat production chain, using GS1 communication standards.
Logo Carrefour
Premiação - Grande desafio de fornecedores, alimentação e bem estar Carrefour - França | 2017
We were the winning company of the Brazilian stage of the 'Supplier Grand Challenge' Award, in the "food and welfare" selected theme. The winning project dealt with the work carried out by PariPassu with Carrefour, and integrating the Food Traceability and Monitoring Program (RAMA) of the Brazilian Supermarket Association (ABRAS).
Logo Fecomercio
Categoria Cases de Sucesso na 5ª Edição do Prêmio Fecomércio Sustentabilidade | 2015
We received an award for the work developed for the use of the GS1 standard for automation of food traceability and safety.
Logo GS 1
Prêmio Automação GS1 | 2013 

A nonprofit organization established in over 180 countries focused on product identification through numerical codes and barcodes.

Our partners

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Great Place To Work

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We are the team that walks side by side with the supply chain, in search of safer food with higher quality.