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The relationship with your suppliers is the key to your success

Maintaining a strategic relationship with suppliers, with a track record of quality, food safety (compliance) and social and environmental controls, is the key to improving your margins and operational efficiency. Besides improving the supply of products to consumers, you avoid the headaches of returns.


Increase the efficiency of the reception and storage of products

Manual processes, such as using paper spreadsheets, result in loss of data and lack of monitoring activities. These can be the villains that prevent you from achieving higher margins, getting ahead of the competition, and increasing your sales! Have access to all of your business’ customized indicators and strategic data in one place.

Are you having trouble getting your supplier to comply with your quality standards?

Are you having trouble getting your supplier to comply with your quality standards?

Are you having trouble maintaining store standardization?

In the relationship between customer and company, brand perception is one of the most important points! Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure that customers find the same aspect and service conditions regardless of which of your supermarket's stores they visit. How do you currently ensure the standardization of your stores? Have you thought about monitoring them in an automated manner?
Learn how to standardize data collection for your store inspections.


Are your results truly improving?

Are you clear about the actions you need to take in order to increase your profitability margin? Visualizing your results online, at the palm of your hand, reduces reaction time and increases accuracy in your business’ decision-making process at strategic points. Check out how to perform inspections of controls and processes!

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Companies that trust PariPassu

"PariPassu is truly an expert on the subject. They’re serious and have a lot of credibility. They don't merely sell a solution, they sell results. Since we started, the team has followed the entire implementation process, with training for the stores’ staff, events with suppliers, meeting all the demands from our staff."

Belchior Martins - Commercial Manager

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