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Logo, design and communication

Our logo

Main version

This is our brand’s main version!

The blue logo should be used on light backgrounds, while the white version should be applied on non-homogeneous or darker backgrounds.


Minor version

For reduced proportions, only the symbol P + leaf should be used.


Minimum size

Main version

The minimum sizing of the logo is 3.5cm wide for printed materials and 198px wide for digital content (web).


Minor version

Regarding the P symbol, the dimensions are 0.6 cm wide for print and 24px for digital content (web).


Protection area version

The protection area ensures adequate ventilation around the logo and must not be invaded by texts, other logos or any adjacent element.


Positive and negative

Brand legibility and integrity should always be prioritized. For this, we have a positive and negative version that should be used when the background on which the logo is applied does not offer good legibility.

For light colored backgrounds you should use the positive version of the logo and for dark colored backgrounds the negative version. See the image on the side.




__logo-branco e verde

Always remember to prioritize brand legibility in any application.

Spelling of the word PariPassu

Our name is written with the two capital "Ps".




Developed by the company Adobe, this typography has geometric lines and is focused on the readability of the screens and the visual harmony between its characters.

Therefore, Fieldwork Geo is the font we choose to express ourselves!



When it is not possible to use the Fieldwork Geo font, it is recommended to use the Poppins font, as it belongs to Google Font and is free, it becomes a very practical option and similar to the main font.


Our colors


Blue PariPassu - main color

-_Verde  secundário

Secondary green


Support blue

-_imagem-azul-principal-PariPassu cópia 3

Support blue


Support blue