Brand, design and communication

Our logo

Main version

This is our brand’s main version!

The blue logo should be used on light backgrounds, while the white version should be applied on non-homogeneous or darker backgrounds.

Ativo 4
Ativo 1-2

Always remember to prioritize the legibility of the brand in any application.

Our name

Our name is written with the two capital "Ps".



Prancheta 31

Developed by Adobe, this typeface has geometric lines (Geo) and focuses on screen legibility and visual harmony between its characters.

That is why Fieldwork Geo is the font we have chosen to express ourselves!

Click here to learn more about this font

Our colors

These are the PariPassu's colors. We ask that you always use the original tones
of our brand when reproducing it.

Prancheta 32-1

PariPassu Blue – The main color

R0  G102  B160

Prancheta 33

Secondary Blue

R31  G119  B180

Prancheta 34-1

Support Blue

R26  G170  B204

Verde PariPassu

Support Green

R112  G166 B204

Amarelo PariPassu

Support Yellow

R242  G190  B59