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Rastreador PariPassu

A market-leading traceability and recall tool for all stages of the food chain

Food Traceability


Make food traceability practical and fast!

The Rastreador PariPassu allows the capturing of all the data necessary for the food chain to be transparent, in compliance with the legislation in force.

Identify the entire path taken by raw materials and inputs - from origin, processing, and destination - also resulting in a fast and reliable product recall process.



Generate traceability code for your products

Comply with the legislation, complying with all traceability processes with the PariPassu Tracker.

Print labels that comply with legislation

Expand your markets and meet retailer identification standards! The Rastreador PariPassu works on the main printers on the market, in addition to having results integrated with your company's food quality and safety controls.

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Make your product information available to the final consumer

Connect with the final consumer of your product, receive real-time ratings and comments and geolocation.


Certificate and audit management

Keep your processes and documentation of certificates and audits in the Rastreador PariPassu organized and automated.

Benefits of the Rastreador PariPassu

Desenho aperto de mão

Relationship with suppliers

It allows the development of your supplier and partner base, making the product quality history available.

Desenho gestão de estoque

Inventory and supply management

Agility in the shipping and receiving processes, control of purchase and sales prices, in addition to avoiding shelf stock-outs and losses.

Desenho padrões de identificação

Identification standards

Adapting labels to global identification standards (GS1) and supermarket specifications.

Desenho dinheiro

Increased visibility of your product

The Rastreador PariPassu is accepted in 100% of the domestic retail market, which allows you to serve new markets and increase your profitability.

Desenho segurança

Food safety and quality

Access to the detailed journey of the food, with records of origin and destination of the lot. Fast and efficient recall process, in case there’s a need to recall the product. Full compliance with the legislation.

Desenho consumidor final

End-consumer connection

Shows your customer how safe and quality your product is, through evaluations and comments, and proof of the food's journey.

Companies that trust PariPassu

"Traceability is a way of telling our story through a database. By making queries and cross-referencing certain data, we can have access to information that would go unnoticed in our daily lives. PariPassu's service is impeccable, both in the implementation of the system as well as in technical issues.

We recommend the PariPassu tracker because the tool isn’t merely for tracking, but for managing information in the productive and commercial areas."

Letícia Weigest - Diretora Comercial

Rancho EcoFrutícola

"The Rastreador collaborates a lot to the control of the origins, label issuance (customized standardization), to the recording of the production history, sales and final destination of the products. It allows our supermarket customers to provide safety and trust in our products to the end consumers."

Edson Trebeschi - Diretor Presidente

Trebeschi tomates

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Do you have a traceability code?

Know the path taken by your product

Create a connection with your product’s end consumer, receive evaluations and comments in real time and with geolocation.

Save time and make money

Talk to our traceability and quality experts now in order to meet the current legislation, prevent losses and shelf stock-outs in order to increase your profit margin and improve your company's results!

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Inside the operation

Learn about Extrato da Natureza’s story, which has been using the PariPassu Tracker for over 10 years in order to ensure the safety and quality of its production.

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