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Forget manual processes and paper spreadsheets

By using paper checklists and electronic spreadsheets to collect information, your consulting is held hostage to transcripts, e-mails and manual work. Learn how to efficiently automate your checklists in the analysis of conformities and nonconformities.

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Reduce data collection and analysis time

Do you spend a lot of time organizing notes from consulting visits and interactions with your customers? So as to avoid delaying demands and hindering deliveries, you need all processes compiled in one place, digitally. This way you eliminate transcription time and gain time to prospect new customers.

How do you access your consulting or auditing records?

We know that not having easy access to the consulting history can generate more work and more time spent in your processes. Do you wish to gain more agility and efficiency in your audits and quickly access the consulting history and records performed for each customer?


Get out ahead of your competition!

Increase your credibility in the marketplace and stand out from your competitors by providing an automated checklist with photos, charts and data from your customers in real time. Generate more customer engagement with a frequent monitoring of action plans and nonconformities through a system that supports your industry!

Companies that trust PariPassu

"Traceability is a way of telling our story through a database. By making queries and cross-referencing certain information, we can have access to information that would go unnoticed in our daily lives. PariPassu's service is impeccable both in the implementation of the system and in the technical area.

We recommend the PariPassu tracker because it’s a tool not only for tracking, but for the management of information of the productive and commercial areas."

Letícia Weigest -Commercial Director

Rancho EcoFrutícola

"The Tracker system collaborates a lot to control the sources, label issuance (customized standardization), record the production history, sales and final destination of the products. It allows our supermarket customers to provide safety and confidence in our products to the end consumer."

Edson Trebeschi - President Director

Trebeschi Tomates