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Rastreador do Campo

A module of the Rastreador PariPassu solution made especially for farmers in search of traceability and certifications

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Rastreador do Campo

With it, you maintain control over operations in the field, such as management notes on inputs and pesticides, providing greater transparency of processes and allowing for decisions based on reliable information.

In addition, the Rastreador do Campo automatically generates a traceability code integrated with the Rastreador PariPassu, where you can track crops, properties and products, allowing farmers to be prepared for the demands of the markets and comply with the current legislation.


Rastreador do Campo is integrated with the

Rastreador PariPassu

With the Rastreador do Campo, the management notes, control of inputs and mass balance of your properties are at your fingertips. All this in a simple and organized manner!

It has automatic integration with the Rastreador PariPassu, which ensures compliance with current legislation, market demands, and the automation of the records required for audits and certification.

Benefits of Rastreador do Campo

Desenho de trator

Production efficiency

Control of pesticide grace periods, crop planning, and field and input management.

Desenho gestão de campo


Field management recording (Planting, Fertilization, Pesticides and Harvest) and the creation of customized management for each crop.

Desenho padrões de identificação

Identification standards

Adaptation of labels to the standards demanded by the domestic market and supermarket specifications.

Desenho dinheiro

Increased visibility of your product

The Rastreador do Campo automatically generates a traceability code integrated with the Rastreador PariPassu, allowing farmers to comply with the markets and the legislation in force.

Desenho segurança

Food safety and quality

Access to the detailed food trajectory, with records of origin and destination of the lot. Automated records that facilitate controls for audits and certification, such as Good Agricultural Practices, Organics and Global G.A.P.

Desenho consumidor final

Connection with the end consumer

Shows your customers the safety and quality of your product, through evaluations and comments, and the tracking of the food's path.



Managing your property online

The Rastreador do Campo allows farmers to efficiently manage a schedule from planting to harvesting, capturing all the necessary data to comply with current legislation and to obtain a safe product.

Rastrear_propiedade PariPassu

Generate traceability code for your production

It also connects information with the other PariPassu solutions and generates a history for producers who want to share the data with the other links in the chain, or even for those seeking certification and audits.

Companies that trust PariPassu

"The Rastreador collaborates a lot to the control of the origins, label issuance (customized standardization), to the recording of the production history, sales and final destination of the products. It allows our supermarket customers to provide safety and trust in our products to the end consumers."

Edson Trebeschi - Diretor presidente

Trebeschi Tomates

"Without a doubt, it is revolutionizing the business relationship between our company and our customers. Today we have exact information on where our product is, how it is exposed, the quantity sold in each location, that is, a complete sales comparison, with this we can improve and help our customers to sell more and with better quality.

Junior Lucato - Sócio proprietário

Citricola Lucatto


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